Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming Soon ...

This morning I thought I'd share with y'all some recipes I have bookmarked for future use. Often while browsing the internet I find a recipe that sounds really good, so I'll save the link for later. Some work out, some don't, but here are a few that I haven't tried yet:

Nutella Banana Ice Cream - I've heard of making banana ice cream before, and I love the addition of Nutella! Can't wait to try this simple, no-ice-cream-maker-required treat!

Pretzel Rolls - I'm not a fan of pretzels, but these rolls sound really tasty, like soft pretzels: soft and chewy. This recipe is also on a fantastic website, Tasty Kitchen. I'm planning on making my Pretzel-Crusted Chicken soon, and these would be great on the side!

Fresh Gnocchi - I love gnocchi and it's one of the two ways my Oldest Girl will eat potato. (The other way being potato candy!) I have made ricotta based gnocchi before, and I'm eager to try out the potato version.

Aloha Cake - Since I'm trying to incorporate more fruit into my diet, I thought I'd try out this cake! It totally counts, right?

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