Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Barefoot in the Kitchen

The idea to begin a food blog took root when I was brainstorming about upcoming posts on my family blog. I quickly realized they were mostly related to food in some way. The more ideas I had, the more I thought that I really just needed to begin a new blog to indulge my obsession with food. I have a lot of requests for my recipes and frankly, most of those people don't have any interest whatsoever in what funny things my kids said that week. Which is basically what my other blog is, a virtual scrapbook to make up for the fact that my ten-year old's actual scrapbook has her suspended somewhere around kindergarten. 

So, here it is ... Barefoot in the Kitchen ... which pretty much describes me all the time, except when I'm barefoot in the laundry room or barefoot in the living room. But I'd much rather be cooking than anything else. Now if we could just afford to hire someone to wash all the dishes for me. 

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