Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Favorite Yeast Rolls

In addition to the large-batch roll recipe I shared yesterday, I have two other recipes I use all the time for family dinners. I used to be nervous about making yeast breads and rolls, thinking it was too labor-intensive or that something would go wrong, ruining the entire batch. After a bit of practice I've realized that most yeast recipes are pretty fool-proof as long as you follow the directions. Also, I love having a stand mixer - it's really an essential piece of kitchen equipment if you make a lot of things from scratch. It takes most of the elbow grease out of recipes. As with all bread/roll recipes that call for white flour, I substitute up to half with whole-wheat flour. If you're making rolls for the first time, I highly recommend one of these easy recipes!
Butternut Squash Rolls are nice because along with flour, sugar, and butter, they also contain an actual vegetable! You can use any kind of squash - butternut, acorn, pumpkin, etc. or sweet potato, even white potato. You can find butternut squash in the freezer section already mashed; thaw it and you're ready to go!

Baker's Dozen Yeast Rolls are quick, easy, and make just enough for the five of us for dinner. Handsome loves rolls, so he puts away a good number of those and if there should happen to be any left over he takes them to work the next day. These are interesting because they contain shredded cheese and are brushed with a honey- garlic butter glaze after baking.

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