Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cottage Cheese

I know, most of you cringed at the title of this post! I don't like the stuff either! But my girls love it and always have. It was a great transitional food for them when they were getting used to chunkier baby foods. It has tons of protein, which is good for when stronger tasting protein-rich foods aren't so palatable to baby. They like it now with a touch of caramel sauce or blended with fruit. At any rate, I did some research on how to make my own since it can be kind of expensive - especially considering how much the girls love it! It's slightly cheaper to make it, and though I won't do it all the time it was a fun experiment. I used Alton Brown's recipe, followed it exactly, and it turned out perfectly! The only slight modification I made was to mix the finished cheese with whole milk instead of half and half or cream.

My Oldest Girl says it's no Breakstone's, though! Oh, well.

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