Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Night Review: 7/31

Our church had a big end-of-summer cookout/picnic party last night, which means I didn't cook dinner. I did make some cookies to share, though! Since Handsome and I are involved in two Sunday School classes - one of other old people like us (ha!) and the one we teach with the college/singles, I made two batches of cookies. I took some of both to each class's cookout. The first batch I made was my Mint Chocolate Softies. Then I changed up the recipe a little and made Strawberry Softies. I just used strawberry cake mix instead of the chocolate, and mini chocolate chips instead of the mint chips. I needed the mini chips for another recipe so that's what I bought, but I really wanted to try white chocolate chips in the strawberry cookies. At any rate, the general consensus was that the Strawberry Softies were even better than the Mint Chocolate!

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