Friday, August 5, 2011

My Littlest Chef

The other day when I was cooking, Little One (18 months) wanted nothing more than to sit on my hip! Since I really needed both arms, I decided to pull up our little stool and let her go to town with a bowl and whatever she could find.
As I chopped things, she ended up with the scraps - herbs, zucchini, potato, green onions. It was too sweet the way she would stir them together, pretend to put them in, "taste" everything ... and look up at me to make sure I was watching! She had so much fun that she cried when I had to get her down.

I'm typically impatient in the kitchen, and don't always enjoy having my kids in there "helping" because I'm just anxious to get dinner on the table. I've been making an effort, though, to involve the kids more. Oldest Girl (10) and The Boy (7) have taken on the responsibility (and fun!) of choosing one meal a week each to plan and make. They help me with everything from the grocery list to the clean up! I've had fun with them being a part of the whole process, and they love it, too.

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