Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Night

I needed a simple supper this week for my college people. I picked up a deli tray from Kroger with mesquite turkey, buffalo chicken, and smoked ham, plus three kinds of cheese. Unbaked dinner rolls from the bakery made perfect fresh sandwich buns. Lettuce, tomato, and all the usual condiments completed the main course. I picked up a couple of bags of chips, too. One of the college girls came over Sunday afternoon to help me get everything ready. We baked the rolls, sliced tomatoes, prepped lettuce, baked my "secret recipe" chocolate chip cookies (it's in the cookbook!), and made chocolate-covered pretzel rods. All those require is melting chocolate, dipping the sticks in (or in or case, drizzling the sticks with the chocolate) and then sprinkling with various colored sprinkles, jimmies, sugar, etc. We had a little melted white chocolate leftover, and we decided not to let a good thing go to waste: I drizzled it over the cooled cookies. Yum! I was glad we had plenty of food because we had a larger crowd than usual (besides my family, we had 12). What a blessing!

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