Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lasagna Tip

Since I recently shared with you several lasagna recipes, I thought I'd share a very helpful tip with you today. When prepping your lasagna noodles for your dish, DO NOT use your pasta pot. Grab a large skillet and layer them, criss-crossed,  in the boiling water.

Your bonus tip of the day is to add a dollop of oil into the water, and generously salt it.

And here's something just to make you drool a little:
Homemade lasagna sauce. Mmm ...


  1. I don't even boil the noodles first. Haven't for 20 years. I layer them in the pan of lasagna sauce, etc, make sure they are covered with sauce and tada,they get done!

  2. I'm always scared to try that since the sauce I make is so thick. Maybe I'll be brave one of these days!