Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fruit, Bread, and Cheese Plate

While exploring the internet one day last week, I found a blog post about serving a cheese plate before dinner, or as a light meal. Honestly, the whole post, especially the comment section at the end, was pretty pretentious, but the idea stuck with me. I often lament that my kids don't eat well enough and in pondering this cheese plate idea I decided to try it. If nothing else it will help fill them up when they don't like dinner.

Well, it turns out that our family was afflicted with the dread stomach bug this week, and a light supper of bread, fruit and cheese was just what we needed.

Clockwise: grapes, Gala apples, pecans, Honeycrisp apples, strawberries, Red Delicious apples. Middle: honey

Clockwise from bowl: olive oil w/ cracked pepper, toasted bread, plain bread, cinnamon-cranberry goat cheese, brie, and cheddar.

One of my favorite treats of this dinner was bread topped with the goat cheese and pecans, drizzled with honey. I also liked the brie with apples.

This would be a nice treat for a light supper, like we did, or to complement a soup. Add in a bowl of chicken salad and you have a light summer lunch without heating up the kitchen. 

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