Monday, February 21, 2011

Low-Fat Chocolate Cookies

I’m a big fan of making the food my family eats as healthful as possible without sacrificing flavor.  Of course, everyone has their own ideas of what’s healthy and what’s not, so I just do my best with the knowledge and experience I have.  Anyway, one thing I’m not a proponent of is using fake, plastic ingredients like egg or butter substitutes. I understand that some people’s diets require the use of those ingredients, and I’m just glad I’m not one of them! Processed and re-engineered foods simply taste fake to me. That said, I was pleased to recently find a low-fat chocolate cookie recipe on Taste of Home that looked really good. I made them the other night when we had company over. Out of the four adults and two children who ate them, only one person (Handsome, naturally!) thought the cookies were just “meh”.  They turned out to have a cakey texture and a dark chocolate flavor. They reminded me a lot of the cake mix cookies I’ve made in the past. Basically they’re made low-fat by the use of egg whites and applesauce. I highly recommend them whether you want a low-fat alternative or not! They were delicious with the coffee Handsome expertly brewed. Naturally.

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