Thursday, July 12, 2012

Modern Times

It turns out that going to the gym is good for something! I found a great new recipe in Southern Living while I tortured myself on the elliptical machine. Hey, remember back in the old days when, if you found a recipe in a fifteen year old Southern Living while waiting for the dentist, you had to scrounge around in your purse for a quill and ink pot, and then you'd painstakingly scribe the entire recipe in illegible shorthand on a gas receipt and two gum wrappers, one of which you'd promptly lose? Well, I'm glad to say times have changed! I just waited until I got home and went to Southern Living's website and did a quick search for the recipe, Roasted Brown-Butter Pecans with Rosemary. (Is there any entity in the world that uses longer recipe names than our beloved SL?)

I made a small batch yesterday, because I wasn't sure I'd like them - I don't tend to like roasted nuts because they taste burnt to me no matter how carefully they're done. I'm pleased to say this recipe is perfectly lovely! A nice mix of salty/sweet, and the rosemary is a nice touch without being overpowering. It also helps to have in-laws with pecan trees, so you can get really fresh, perfect pecans!

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