Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homemade Yogurt

My kids all love yogurt, but I limit the amount they eat simply because it gets expensive. Several weeks ago I found a blog post on how to make yogurt at home in the slow cooker and I have finally accomplished it! It turned out really well. Though it takes time to go through the process, it's not a lot of "hands-on" time and I found it to be pretty simple. I used a half-gallon of organic 1% milk this time, but since it turned out so well, I'll do a full gallon next time. The higher the fat content in your milk, the creamier your yogurt will be, but since I have a toddler with (genetically) high cholesterol we went with the lower fat and it worked just fine.

If you'd like to try it, too, just check out this link!


  1. Did you make it like Greek yogurt, or did you not strain it? The complaint I have heard about homemade yogurt was that it was more runny that store bought. I've not seen a recipe that uses the slow cooker like that--the ones I've seen involve putting jars in a slow cooker, I think...but my brain could be fried and I may not have looked at the recipe correctly. Might have to try this out.

    By the way, S has high cholesterol? Did they find that on a regular bloodtest? Crazy.

  2. I did not make it into Greek yogurt, but I will in the future. Otherwise, it is thinner than store bought, for sure. And yes, high cholesterol was found in her two-year check-up. Dad and Stuart both had/have it. I had no idea it could affect toddlers!