Monday, September 12, 2016

Making Fresh Herbs Last

Once you bring home leafy green herbs, it's only a matter of time before they're a slimy, unusable mess. Unless, of course, you store them properly! For the long-term, you can always freeze or dry your herbs, but some recipes require fresh herbs. I've tried various methods of keeping them fresh over the years, and this is my favorite:

When your leafy herbs like cilantro (left) and Italian parsley (right) come home, you should process them right away. I rinse them well with water - cilantro especially can trap sand. Shake off the excess water and blot the leaves dry with a clean kitchen towel.

Check the herbs for yellowed or spoiled leaves. Check the stems for any trapped leaves. You want the stems to be as clean as possible. Fill a small mason jar halfway with water - but make sure none of the leaves will be underwater. Depending on how large your bunch of herbs is, you'll need a sandwich or a quart size plastic storage bag to cover them. Store in the fridge.

They'll stay fresh this way for a good 10 days. I've also used this method with small bunches of kale. The leaves stayed crisp far longer than I expected.

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