Saturday, November 10, 2012

Caesar Dressing

A few months ago a sweet, crazy friend of mine had me and a couple other ladies over for dinner. She made a salad for us using a homemade Caesar dressing that was very tasty! Now, I'm aware that true Caesar includes such dubious ingredients as a raw egg yolk and anchovy, but ... yuck. So, this isn't "authentic", but it is really, really good! (I modified it a bit for my taste.)

Caesar Dressing

1/3 cup olive oil mayonnaise
2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 T. lemon juice
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic (minced)
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1 T milk 

Combine all ingredients in a Mason jar and shake 'em up. Or whisk the ingredients together in a small bowl. That's it!  

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