Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flavor of Spring

Just as cinnamon and apples make me think of fall weather, there's something about the combination of fruit and citrus that always reminds me of spring. I have several stand-by recipes that I love to use when I get the craving for spring!

Strawberry Scones with Lemon Glaze - These are incredible! The scones are tender and filled with strawberry chunks, and the glaze adds the perfect amount of tartness. I use lemon zest in the glaze, in addition to the juice.

Orange-Blueberry Muffins - The recipe actually calls for lemon, which I'm sure would be great, but I made these with orange zest and juice and they were delicious! The glaze really sets these apart.

Smooth Strawberry Soup - Words cannot express the yumminess of this soup! It's so ... the flavor! ... sigh ... Who knew the combination of lemon, orange, apple and strawberry would be so divine?

Strawberry Limeade Punch - This is my own recipe, inspired by Sonic's Strawberry Limeade. It's the perfect summer punch!

Picking strawberries last spring.

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