Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stuff I've Made Lately

I go through different stages in my cooking where I either make all new things or get in a rut with old standbys. Mostly I try to do a mix of the two, but sometimes it just works out the other way. A few new recipes I've tried lately are going to be new favorites, I know!

Number one on that list is Homemade Cereal Bar Cookies! The lady who posted these originally bakes them in muffin cups, but I use a metal 9 x 13 baking pan. I line the pan with aluminum foil and spray it with cooking spray. The bars are layered in, pressing down the bottom and top crusts. When they've baked for 30-35 minutes, I let them cool completely, then turn them out onto a cutting board and cut them into bars. The whole family (Except one - remember the kids' unacknowledged rule, "One Must Dissent".) loved them! They don't last long, but I don't mind because they're so good for them! I used homemade pear freezer jam in the first batch, along with flax seed and cinnamon in the crust. (Those two things are supposed to be good for people who are watching their cholesterol.)

Homemade Twix Bars were a big hit with the college people, and Handsome, too!

I know, it's too late now, but file away these Easter Story Cookies for next year! They were a great way to illustrate the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

You can always trust the Pioneer Woman to knock it out of the park and her Oatmeal Whoopie Pies are no exception. I went with the second filling option, That's The Best Frosting I've Ever Had, and I must say ... that's the best frosting I've ever had!

I realize all those are recipes for sweets, and I promise we eat entrees, too! I just haven't tried any new ones lately that are post-worthy - other than the soup I posted a few days ago. I've been on a big salad kick for lunches, and I made my Spinach Feta Hummus this week, plus macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, fried chicken, bacon cheeseburgers, chicken casserole ... so nothing I haven't shared already. I do have a few recipe ideas up my sleeve for next week, and I'm excited to try them out! I'll be sure to share them if they turn out well.

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